IAB Safe Frame technology has been out for a few years now. It has not been highly adabtable as only a few publishers in australia have decided to take on the challenge.  

Although there is a huge risk to move to Safe Frames, rest assured if it is done right, it will be worth it...


Here is a few suggestions and tips to get your Safe frame implimentation right without loss of revenue from a technical operations perspective. 


  • First off - make sure you have a your adops and technical adops close to the project as possible. 
  • Ensure your development team choose the correct method - I would suggest in choosing "method B" when it come to rendering the Safe Frame. 
  • Monitor revenue - You will need to get a snapshot of all the revenue that is at risk.
  • Compile a list of all your ad tech vendors.
    • You will need to reach out to them to request Safe Frames compliant tags and get your adops team to test, test and test. Only once your developement team is complete and has a staging test link.

Some examples of ad tech vendors that will be impacted:

  • Viewability - Moat, Commscore, IAS. Ensure they are Safe Frame compaitble and get them to sign off it in writing. 
  • Ad Serving - Doubleclick and Sizmek are compatible with Safe Frames, although I would highly suggest you be proactive and do the recertification program. Facilitate ad server is shutting down there Advertiser Ad Serving service in September 2017. One less Ad server you will need to test if you still have clients running them. 


    • There will be some ad units that may not be compatible with Safe Frames, so be sure to check with the vendor and test it out on the staging link. 


    • Programmatic - Same rules apply here. Ensure you work with the vendors such as Pubmatic, Appnexus, Adx, Rubicon and ensure there technology is accessing the required elements on the page. Make sure you set up the tests and provide them with a URL where they can preview there own tech on the page. 
    • DMP's/Tag management - Although most DMP's are generally intergrated into the ad call URL for behavioural targeting, you will not likely run into any issues here. 
      • I do suggest you ensure there are not any dispay ads that rely on code injected via your tag management system such as dynamic ads etc. 

Compile a list of all your ad units and there ad type.  

This is a list both your adops team and technical team will work towards when testing. 
Be sure to list things like, Expanding 728x90, Expanding 300x250, Non expanding 720x90, Skins/Gutters, Bespoke executions, In-House native ads, Video Insteam etc. 

Again Adops and Tech Ops will need to work collabaritively and ensure you address any issues with the appropiate contact. 

Useful Recources

What is Safe Frames? Watch Video: How SafeFrame Enables Viewability and Innovation

IAB Guidelines - https://www.iab.com/guidelines/safeframe/
IAB Spec Guide - http://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/SafeFrames_v1.1_final.pdf
IAB Safe Frame Test - https://github.com/dfberry/IAB-Safeframe-Test

I am sure there is alot more to add. I will update this post when I can.


If you need assistance? Feel free contact me or post a comment below. 


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